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If you drive regularly, at some unfortunate point you’ll need to visit an auto body shop after an accident. Like most auto body and paint shops, TDG Auto offers a full menu of auto body repair and restoration services, from professional full-body paint to paintless dent removal. And, although most of our services are related to collision damage resulting from an accident, that’s not always the case. Below are the most common types of services TDG Auto performs.

Car Dent Repair

What you can expect at TDG Auto

As an Automotive Body Shop, our goals have always included competitive pricing and the highest quality work. We focus on customer service and satisfaction as our top priorities. Every client that uses us is treated like family. We do not subscribe to the cookie-cutter approach when it comes to our customers. Whether you have a pickup truck, sedan, SUV, or luxury car, we have the means to recondition it. In fact, we have a certified team ready and waiting to treat your vehicle like royalty. We are well-equipped to handle vehicles of any type, from family cars to exotics. The Dent Guys explore a different approach to car customizing and reconditioning; we focus on quality as opposed to quantity.

Auto Body Repairs

Auto bodywork includes both internal structural repairs and exterior body repairs. Not limited to car accident repairs only, the auto body includes some mechanical repairs too. Auto bodywork is performed with specialized tools, by highly trained and certified technicians which is why it is important to get your auto body work done by a professional at TDG Auto.

Auto Body Painting

After an accident, most likely some amount of auto paint and bodywork will need to be scheduled to bring the vehicle back to its original finish. TDG Auto routinely does paint jobs on vehicles with rock chips, paint swirls, rust, scratches, and other damage. When doing so, these are the steps that certified technicians use:

  1. The surface is cleaned and sanded down to the bare metal
  2. High-quality primer is applied and allowed to dry
  3. The primer is then sanded down and the surface decontaminated
  4. Paint is applied in layers with a specialty spray gun and allowed to dry
  5. The final layer is a clear coat which gives the vehicle a high-gloss finish
  6. Finally, the car is buffed and polished to a beautiful shine

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Hailstorms, neighborhood kids, and car doors can all leave noticeable dents in your precious vehicle. Left unfixed, these dents will most likely cause more paint damage over time causing the repair price to cost more. To help make sure that doesn’t happen, TDG uses a process called “Paintless Dent Removal” (PDR).

PDR requires no conventional type of body fillers or sanding, as a certified technician uses a plethora of industry-specific specialty tools to massage the dents out of the panel without damaging the factory paint. Overall, PDR is the most cost-effective way to get your ride looking great again.

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